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The Importance of Web Hosting for SEO

If there’s one thing that has been commonly underestimated for so long; it would have to be the massive impact a reliable, efficient, and fast web hosting tool has on SEO. Some fail to understand how slow hosting could damage your repetition in the market as it holds you back immensely. Whereas, fast hosting could act as a competitive advantage that can make you shine brighter than your competition while maintaining a return on your investment as well.

First things first, What is Web Hosting?

In order for your website to function correctly, it is necessary to have some sort of database where it can store all the information and later access it to run it efficiently. From images to the text and code, this server withholds all data the website could possibly need. This database is what you call a web hosting company.

It’s pretty simple. Every website consists of heavy data that needs to be accessible at all times in order for it to flow smoothly. The second your website is being accessed; the browser automatically connects to a server from which it can extract content that is relevant.

If for whatever reason you choose to create your own server from which you can grant your own website remote access for people to view your website; it isn’t impossible but it also isn’t recommended. For a new setup, this would not be practical as it will be a rather expensive option.

Okay, So Why is Web Hosting So Important for SEO?

For example, Dubai, UAE is on the rather pricier side which makes it difficult to keep track of the SEO. For this exact reason, it is important to look past the web hosting company’s marketing claims to identify which of them are true to their word and will actually benefit you in terms of boosting your search engine optimization

Setting the technical side of a successful website aside, here are a few reasons as to why Web Hosting may be a lot more important for your website than you know.

Faster than the Speed of Light, Or I Don’t Want it

Speed is everything and everyone wants everything done almost instantaneously. No matter what it is, the ideology is always the same everywhere; “It’s now or never”. In this case, the reference is for the loading speed of your website. According to multiple types of research, it’s evident that the slightest lag results in a loss of massive traffic. Ideally, any web page should load within 2 seconds as most traffic is lost after a 3-5 second waiting time frame.

Therefore, web hosting is absolutely necessary to help in improving your search engine rankings. According to Google’s Algorithms; the faster the website, the higher reward for your website in the form of an improved position in Google’s rankings.

Strong Uptime

Whether or not a host is considered SEO-friendly might depend majorly on the uptime percentage. If the hosting provider you opted for has a strong uptime rate, then that indicates the servers perform extremely well and you made the right choice for the sake of your SEO. The uptime refers to the amount of time the site is live and accessible to use.

If this percentage exceeds a certain limit, the chances of you losing a strong set of visitors to a down site are going to be super high. This not only affects your rankings but also damages your site’s image. Therefore, it is important to look for a web hosting company that ensures you will be provided with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Lastly, What Additional Services to Lookout for

You’ll know you found the perfect web hosting provider if they offer more than just a basic server. If you’re having trouble narrowing down which provider is best for you, there are many websites that will list down some of the best Web-Hosting platforms from which you can find your match!

Here are some of the services you can expect to find:

Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space to ensure you never lose traffic due to insufficient resources. If it’s a startup site, limiting both may be the best idea as they might not be needed as much initially. As the traffic grows it is important to shift to unmetered usage as the notifications such as ‘Exceeded bandwidth’ might just drive a lot of your visitors away.

WordPress Supported hosting packages are essential in today’s day with the increase in use of this high in-demand website creation tool. For online e-commerce stores, or personal blogs, WordPress offers services that make managing your website more easier while providing many variations to choose from.

Email accounts using your domain name for a more professional appearance can be provided by many web hosting services.


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