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Types of website hosting and their differences

Knowing the different types of website hosting and the particular one to choose is important. It will be wise to understand this so that your needs will be meant.

Before I go into this, if you are wondering why there is a need for website hosting, then read this too.

Hosting your website will enable people to access it from any location. So, that means, you are going to move it from your current device to another where people globally can view its content.

Do you now understand?

Let me rush over to the main subject of this article.

Like I said earlier, different website hosting exists. You need to know the best one for your project and location. For instance, if you live somewhere within Africa, you need this specific web hosting company in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, I will go ahead and list the different types you can choose from which they offer.

Shared website hosting

This is the cheapest form of web hosting. As the name is, shared hosting means your page is placed on a server that is shared with other people. Everyone uses the same CPU, hard drives, memory, and network bandwidth. This keeps the cost low.

Generally, there are so many platforms offering this service, choosing the best can be tasking. That is why I made a recommendation in a few paragraphs of this post.

VPS website hosting

A virtual private server hosting is similar to shared hosting such that multiple sites are stored on the same hardware. But you will get your separate amount of server resources. Your website will not be affected by traffic spikes that come as a result of other sites. It is easy to scale up using this specific type of hosting.

You feel like you are getting a big server for yourself with a great configuration.

You should consider it if you want to run a medium-sized business website.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has the virtualization of VPS to the level of hosting your site on computer networks.

When you choose a shared or VPS website hosting and the server goes down, your website becomes unavailable. It doesn’t happen on cloud hosting. If your server is offline, visitors will move to the next available server on the cloud network.

Cloud hosting is mostly used for large websites. But many web hosting providers are moving to this type. This is why the price of hosting your website on the platform you see here is high.

Dedicated server hosting

In dedicated server hosting, you are allocated a physical web server. You won’t be sharing your resources with anyone. So, you have complete control of how the server works and how your website performs.

A dedicated server is very expensive and it’s recommended for companies that want a fast website.

WordPress hosting

This type of web hosting is only suitable for installing WordPress. You are given access to themes and plugins which are just for that content management system.

It is recommended for people that need WordPress setup for blogging or any other activity dedicated to WordPress.

Managed hosting

Here, the hosting provider will be responsible in carry out daily maintenance on your website.

They make backups, check for security, and ensure that your website runs smoothly.

You are on your own within a managed website hosting. But most web hosting providers offer their users some level of technical support.

A particular type of this hosting is managed WordPress hosting

The web hosting service handles all daily maintenance of your website. In some cases, they will help you to set up themes and even plugins.

These days, there are so many websites hosting business providers offering most of this service. 

Before you choose, you should look at your budget, location, and kind of project.

Shared hosting is okay and works great for any kind of website. You may only experience issues if you end up on the wrong platform.

Here, I have included the best that you can check out. Their service is top-notch and doesn’t have issues at all.


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